OOTD: Thrifted Outfits and a Vegan Bag

I used to be a pretty impulsive buyer when shopping for clothes, especially when I used to work in retail many years ago. This is sort of what I was looking for. This colour might look good on me. It’s not that expensive. Or I just wanna’ buy it before Sarah does.

Today, I want to talk about mindful purchasing. I know how common it is to make impulsive purchases; I was one of those people (and sometimes still am). As I’ve mentioned in my other posts, fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world and it can be hard for the fashionista inside each of us to stop and think before buying some new, trendy outfit. We live in a resource limited world where people think the environment is endless and will continue coughing up what we need when we want it.


I bought this long coral/pink button up a few weeks ago for $10 at a local thrift store. I got the denim shorts, top and belt all under $15 a few years back and they’re still in great condition! The coral/pink button up is from Joe Fresh and it’s so comfortable. It has belt loops on it so you can switch it up and wear the belt on the outside for a different look. I got the necklace when I was abroad in Peru. It was made by these lovely local artisan workers. 

I also decided to throw on my new vegan, lead free bag from Isabelle Handbags.


I really love these simple looks. I bought this cool zip front vest from a thrift store in Brooklyn, NY last year for $5. It had a tiny hole so I sewed it up when I got home and it’s good-as-new! I also got these denim shorts for $4, along with the belt, at a thrift store in Toronto two years ago.

Learning the art of thrift store shopping is a great way to develop your own unique sense of style on a budget. There are so many hidden gems in vintage and thrift stores that are original, bold, and colourful. So, for those of you who don’t want to dress like every other girl or guy – try out a local thrift or vintage store!

Much Love!