LUSH is one of my favourite all natural stores right now. The sweet smells of all the beautiful handmade soaps draws me into their store every time! They craft handmade fresh soaps and cosmetics with little to no preservatives or packaging, as well as only buying ingredients from companies that don’t commission tests on animals. They have all natural products for hair, skin, and make up.

As great as this store was, it was the employees who made the experience better. It was quite clear the employees really enjoyed their job and after speaking with a few, they reinforced their love for the company. They even pampered me by massaging my hands with some of the products that I was interested in. Yes, they massaged my hands. I was done for after this. 

The Fresh Bar at the back of the store is where they make fresh face mask ingredients and keep them cold on trays of ice in order to preserve the ingredients, and also do product demos. Again, there is a little station where an employee will massage your hands with a product, gently wash it off and pat your hands dry. I left with a few products in tow, freshly massaged hands, and a smile on my face.


I’m excited to share one of the products I bought: Ocean Salt – Face and Body Scrub. It’s a self-preserving sea salt scrub with organic lime to brighten your skin and avocado to soften it.  I’ve been using it for about three weeks now and I love it! The minerals in the sea salt scrub away any dirt, dead skin and blockages. I can tell my complexion looks brighter after just a few days of using it and it smells amazing! My face feels soft and hydrated after each use.

The scrub may be too coarse and abrasive for some people to use on their face though. So, for the super sensitive skins out there, try testing it on your hands and body before your face. Also, make sure to mix it around first.

One of the really cool things about LUSH is that on each product they show who who made the product! There’s a little picture of the person, their name, the date it was made and when to use the product by. Fantastic job, Corey! 


The container is made of 100% recycled products and if you bring back 5 empty LUSH containers, they will give you a free mask.

It’s also vegan so it doesn’t contain animal products of any kind.

Much Love,