IN THE GREEN SPOTLIGHT: Chic Made Consciously

Chic Made Consciously is an awesome Canadian company based in Toronto that creates recycled, reused and re-purposed tires in the form of accessories. The items are hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia by local artisans. CMC is committed to reducing the amount of tires in landfills and helping to leave a cleaner world for everyone!

I initially came across this cool company while I was volunteering at The Green Living Show last month. There were all sorts of hand crafted jewelry, belts, wallets, and bags on display.

chic made consciously

The company was created by local Torontonian, Cassandra Ciarallo, while she was traveling through the island of Bali, Indonesia. Her idea came out of a local Indonesian store called ‘Oh Waste’ located in Ubud. It was filled with handcrafted jewelry and bags made of reused tires. Oh Waste’s mission was to make a change in their own country by reducing the amount of tires in landfills in Indonesia and all over the world.

Cassandra chose to join the global movement to make our world a more sustainable place.