Simple Green Smoothies That Will Change Your Life

Hey Lovely People!

On my way to work last week, I was listening to a podcast about this amazing company called Simple Green Smoothies. It was an interview with one of the co-founders, Jadah Sellner. Jadah and her partner Jen Hansard created an enormous online community and business by sharing their experiences of drinking one green smoothie a day to improve their health and well-being in all areas of their lives.  


Prior to creating Simple Green Smoothies, Jadah and Jen, who are both mothers, constantly felt exhausted and defeated with life. Neither were eating healthy meals or even felt like they had the time to take care of their own bodies. When Jadah was exposed to green smoothies by her aunt – it changed her life. On the outside, the smoothies were these murky vomit coloured drinks with leafy chunks (I’m painting a wonderful picture here, I know), but tasted so delicious!


She was hooked and began sharing it with her family and friends. After seeing the fantastic results of drinking one green smoothie a day (weight loss and feeling more energized each day), they realized they had to share this healthy lifestyle with the world. Jadah and Jen created an Instagram account to document their new smoothie recipes and colourful photos, and their following exploded as news spread about this healthy habit!

“We’ve seen people balance their blood sugar, get off their blood pressure medications, become healthier and closer with their families, lose weight without trying, have more energy, and feel better in their bodies.” –

As you can imagine, I was hooked after listening to this interview. I will be joining their Free 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge starting on October 1st and documenting my journey drinking one green smoothie a day.

There are so many of us that want to eat healthier and feel more energized every day. I know I feel like that sometimes. There are days when I feel too tired to do anything. Too tired to get out of my bed. Too tired to go to the gym. Too tired to cook a good meal. I hated feeling exhausted and knew it had to do with my diet, so I started changing little things in my daily life. I forced myself to workout early in the mornings which gave me more energy during the day, I ate more fruits and vegetables, I cooked at home more instead of eating out. It made all the difference. For some people, you just need one simple step to kick start a new healthy lifestyle… so why not start with a green smoothie for breakfast?


That’s how I plan to start my journey on October 1st. Join me? 

To get you started, I decided to share Simple Green Smoothies recipe for beginners!

Much Love!



Makes 32 oz | Serves 2

2 cups spinach, fresh (tightly packed)
2 cups water
1 cup mango
1 cup pineapple
2 bananas 

Tightly pack your leafy greens into a measuring cup and toss into blender. Add water and blend together until all leafy chunks are gone. Next add in mango, pineapple and bananas and blend again.

1. Use at least one frozen fruit to chill your smoothie.

2. If you aren’t a big fan of bananas, feel free to substitute with another fruit, like extra mangos. You can even freeze the bananas first to reduce the flavor and also add some extra chill to your smoothie.