Thursday Thoughts: Fishin’ for Guppies in Trinidad

2013-04-14 12.17.22 tnt friendsOn this lovely (Throwback) Thursday, I would like to share one of the greatest experiences of my life – my time working in Trinidad as a Field Technician on The Guppy Project. I had the amazing chance to go back home to island life, visit my family, work with amazing people on an awesome evolutionary ecology project, catch guppies all day, hike, go to the beach, and party for Carnival. I know… sounds amazing, right?

I lived with my coworkers in Arima Valley in a relatively remote area with no access to internet, except an iPad we all shared and could only check our emails every so often. Living in an area where you’re disconnected from social media was a blessing in disguise. At times, it was hard because I didn’t want people to forget about me. I wanted to know what was going on in the world! However, I was always quickly reminded of the paradise outside my window. All I had to do was step outside and lie in my hammock or walk down the street and visit the neighbours. I have lived away from home before, but living in Trinidad taught me so many lessons that I still carry with me today. I learned to value the friends who stick around, to try my best to understand those who are different from me, to spoil myself in nature, and take time to myself and love every second of it.

2013-02-14 12.31.25      2013-03-02 17.07.55

 My friends and I drove down to Matura to watch the leatherback turtles lay eggs on the beach. It was a surreal experience. We also had the absolute pleasure of owning a pet duck named George (RIP George). I would sneak out and feed him way more than everyone else so that he would like me more.  We even took mini vacations every few weeks. My favourite was when we took the ferry over to Tobago for a few days. We went on a local fishing boat and caught tuna and cooked it for dinner that same night. We swam at touristy pristine beaches and local rustic, untouched beaches. The beauty in Trinidad and Tobago is beyond my capacity to describe.

george              2013-04-08 20.28.53

Cherish your solitude. Love nature. And take a trip far away.

Much Love!