Would you want to become a tree after death?

When a loved one passes, often our only choices are to either to have them buried or cremated. We can then visit the tomb or scatter their ashes to the wind or sea. But why not use their ashes to create new life? I recently came across a company called Bios Urn, created by two men, Roger and Gerard Moliné. Bios Urn seems to be changing the way people view death, by transforming the end of life to a return to life.

The urn contains a seed and the growth medium for a tree. Plant the seed of your choice and watch it grow.


Instead of a large cemetery, why not a forest?


The Urn is 100% biodegradable and can grow any type of tree or plant along with the remains of your loved one.

Growing a rich forest of loved ones seems quite beautiful to me. You can help them grow and watch them change over time. You can water the tree and sit by it. I’d really like that. Listening to the stories from people who have used the urn was beautiful. It’s also significantly less expensive than buying a casket. Planting trees is always a good idea 🙂 Trees are a source of life for livings things. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and fight climate change. Trees clean the air and cool our streets. Trees prevent soil erosion and provide habitat for wildlife. Trees are a source of food.

I can go on and on, but most people already know the benefits of more trees, but may be hesitant to do something like this. 

What are your thoughts?

bios urn2

Much Love,