10 Habits to Happiness

happy frogThis is a bit of an usual post for me, but I thought it would be great to share. I have been thinking a lot lately about positive energy, abundance, and mental and physical well-being. I’m on a personal journey to be happier by forming better habits that contribute to my overall well-being and love of life. In my opinion, happiness is all about how you start off your day. So, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far.

Ask yourself, “What am I thankful for?” every morning when you wake up.

Doing this simple thing has helped me to reflect on all the abundance in my life and be grateful. It helps to start off my day right.

Take 5 minutes (or less) every morning to meditate and be alone with your thoughts.

Meditating used to be very hard for me… half the time I wasn’t even sure if I was really meditating or just asleep. Ha. Recently, I’ve found a really helpful guided meditation that connects to me and made it so much easier for me to sit in silence and observe my inner thoughts. Practicing mindfulness has really kept me calm throughout busy, stressful days at work.

Sleep. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Sleep is definitely not for the weak. Sleep is a performance enhancer. So, as Arianna Huffington says, “Sleep your way to the top” ! If you find it hard to fall asleep at night, there are likely a few different reasons. Try not using your phone, computer or watching TV for an hour before you go to sleep. I really recommend Arianna Huffington’s O Course, Thrive. You’ll learn more about doing a “Digital Detox.”

Have a do-it-now attitude.

When you have a do-it-now attitude, you get way more things accomplished each day. If there’s a task that will take you less than 2 minutes to do, DO IT NOW! Just imagine how clean your room could be by adopting this little technique?!

Eat better.

Try to reduce how much you eat out. Dedicate two days a week where you cook from home. Or grow a vegetable garden and grow your own food!

Work out. Do yoga. Stretch. Do any type of movement.

If you’re sitting all day whether at work, home or school, your body is craving some movement. If you don’t want to wake up earlier in the mornings to go for a run or do a little workout, try stretching for a few minutes every morning. If you don’t like to do heavy workouts, try yoga for 10 minutes every morning. There is always something small you can do that will have a big impact. 

Get some plants!

It’s always a bonus to have more plants around you, whether it’s at your home or office. I hate feeling like I’m breathing in old, dirty air.

Be generous with your compliments.

Make it a goal to compliment one person a day. You’ll be surprised how happy it makes you feel after brightening someone’s day.

Good posture.

If you don’t already have good posture, actively remind yourself to sit up straight as often as possible. Good posture has significant health benefits

Smile more.

Smiling makes you happy, even if you’re not. 

There are so many more things I could add to this list, but I hope there are a few here that can help you out on your journey. Make happiness a habit. Good luck!

Much Love!


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