Celebrate Earth Day the Right Way

As we celebrate the 46th Earth Day, over 150 world leaders are signing the #ParisAgreement in the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Earth Day means different things to different people. To some, it’s a movement, while to others, it’s a choice to live a more conscious lifestyle.

To celebrate Earth Day the right way, I’ve shared some interesting links and advice below:

  • Leave no trace behind! If you plan on hiking, camping or exploring nature this weekend, please be sure to leave the trail/site better than before! Pick up any garbage you find and obviously don’t be the one to leave any garbage. Don’t pick flowers either.
  • Wanna’ check out Earth Day events near you? Click here
  • Go on a Geo-cache treasure hunt! Geo-caching is an outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices – there are over 11,000 active geo-cachers in Canada! There is a culture of being environmentally conscious and picking up garbage along the way to the cache and education about geographical features is also an important part of the geo-caching experience!
  • If you’re interested in becoming a citizen signer for the #ParisAgreement, click here
  • Look up more. 


Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Old Man on His Back Property

This is a photograph of the Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area in south-west Saskatchewan. The sky is complete with stars and the Milky Way as far as the eye can see. I never really considered the importance of dark sky preserves until I heard about this beautiful place.  Last year, this property was declared a nocturnal preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. This is a profound step in securing dark skies for migrating songbirds who only fly at night to humans who need total darkness for restorative sleep. Visit beautiful places like this and look up.